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The Israel Center aims to combine the efforts and resources of two universities to create a world-class collaborative think tank, that serves a leading research center for issues of mutual interest and concern as well as for the study of Sino-Israel relations in a global context from both an academic and policy-relevant vantage point.
The Israel Center is also designed to furnish Chinese and international students with the knowledge and critical skills needed to understand the State of Israel, its politics and the geopolitical development in the Middle East.

"China has to play a bigger role in shaping the political realities and landscape in the Middle East and in other places," concurs Prof. Junhua Zhang, a political scientist from Shanghai Jiao Tong University who was recently in Israel as a visiting professor at the Hebrew University. "China's policy in the Middle East has been very vague, but this should stop. Vague language will not help stability in the Middle East and China needs stability in the Middle East because oil provision is important for China and because the Middle East could also be a good market for China."
Zhang explains that China's foreign policy is in a state of transition as it emerges as a great power and that its energy needs and the necessity for it to expand its capital and markets in order to ensure the high growth rates crucial for the ruling Communist Party's survival will leave the country's leadership with no choice but to drop its low-profile approach in favor of a more proactive policy.

Dr. Junhua Zhang is currently a Professor of International Relations at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He began to conduct research on Israel and the Middle East in 2009. During Nov 2012-Jan 2013 he worked as a visiting professor at the invitation of the Hebrew University.
I am confident that our Israel Center will contribute greatly to understanding of Sino-Israeli relations and the geopolitics and Middle East. It will also serve as a hub for exchange of students, scholars, and interdisciplinary projects between universities.
Dr. Uzi Rabi is the Director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University. Prof. Rabi regularly appears on national and international news programs for his commentary on current events in the Middle East.

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