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Research Team

Zhang, Junhua
Executive Director

Dr. Junhua Zhang is currently a Professor of International Relations at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He began to conduct research on Israel and the Middle East in 2009. During Nov 2012-Jan 2013 he worked as a visiting professor at the invitation of the Hebrew University.
His research involves the topics, among others, of comparative development strategies, geopoplitics in Middle East and climate diplomacy. Past research projects include the ¡°Political Culture after the Power Transition 2002 in China,¡±, the ¡°Internet Policy of PRC¡±, ¡°China¡¯s Climate Diplomacy¡± and the ¡°Implication of China¡¯s Labor Law Contract¡±. He compiled the monograph in German Die schwierige Geburt der Freiheit (Peter Lang, 2001) and he is editor of China¡äs Digital Dream ¨CImpact of the Internet on Chinese Society (European University Press, 2002) and authors of various articles on Chinese politics in international journals. His recent article about the Israeli politics is ¡°Trends after the Israeli election 2013 and China¡¯s Role in the Israel-Palestine Peace Process¡±.

Uzi Rabi
Deputy director

Dr. Uzi Rabi is the Director of the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern Studies at Tel Aviv University. Prof. Rabi regularly appears on national and international news programs for his commentary on current events in the Middle East.
Uzi Rabi's edited volume, International Intervention in Local Conflicts: Conflict Management and Crisis Revolution Since the Cold War[1] was published by I.B. Tauris in the Fall of 2010. Rabi's paper, "A Political Culture and Foreign Policy Shaped by a Moderate Religious View ¨C the Case of the Sultanate of Oman," was presented at a conference on Ibadism of Oman, held at the University of Tuebingen, Germany, in May 2011. In early September he spoke at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in Buenos Aires on "Is a Palestinian State Imminent? Perspectives and Possible Scenarios." These events were organized by the Friends of TAU-Argentina. Also in September, Rabi participated in the annual conference hosted by the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya, in a workshop entitled, "The Middle East: Between Democracy and State Failure?" The topic of his presentation was, "Is Yemen a Failed State?"

Zhong, Yang
Senior fellow

Dr. Yang Zhong is a Distinguished Changjiang Scholar at School of International and Public Affairs of Shanghai Jiaotong University and tenured Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, U.S.A. His main research and teaching interests include comparative political theories, public opinion research, Chinese local government, political culture and participation. He has published more than 30 scholarly articles and book chapters and authored and co-edited several books. His articles have appeared in journal such as Comparative Political Studies, Journal of Politics, Political Research Quarterly, Asian Survey, Communist and Post-Communist Studies, Journal of Contemporary China, and PS: Political Science and Politics. His latest book is Political Culture and Participation in Rural China. Dr. Zhong served a number of academic and administrative positions. He was Associate Head of Department of Political Science, Director of Asian Studies, Director of Tennessee in China Initiative, and interim director of Center for International Education at the University of Tennessee. He was also the founding editor of Journal o f Chinese Political Science and served twice as president of Association of Chinese Political Studies (U.S.A.).


Wang, Yu,
Senior research associate

Dr. Wang is currently research associate of the Israel Center. She serves as Associate Professor in West Asian Studies of the Peking University. Having completed her B.A and M.A. study in Israel, she obtained Ph.D. in Middle East Studies at the University of Haifa. Her research fields are Jewish history, modern Israeli society and politics. She published numerous articles and books about Israeli and Middle East politics, among them, A National Minority in Ethnic Democracy: Arabs in Israel in the Decade of Transition 1967-1977, (Lambert Academic Publishing, 2010); ¡°Marketing Israel to the Arabs: The Rise and Fall of al-Anbaa Newspaper,¡± Israel Affairs, 15, 2009: 190-210.

Fan, Hongda
Senior research associate

Dr. Hongda Fan is currently an Associate Professor of Political Science at the School of Public Affairs, Xiamen University and the vice dean of the School of Management, Tibet University for Nationalities (2012-2013). From 2010-2011 he was a visiting fellow of the Tel Aviv University (Israel), Haifa University (Israel), Hebrew University in Jerusalem (Israel), The Hebron University (Palestine) and The Middle East Technical University (Turkey). Also, he was a participant of the ¡°International Visitor Leadership Program¡± (U.S.A), funded by the U.S. Department of State, 2007.
Dr. Fan received his PhD in History from the Capital Normal University in China. His research fields are Middle East politics, America¡¯s foreign relations and China deplomacy. His published books are: Iran and United States, From friend to enemy(Beijing: Xinhua Publishing House, 2012), My life in the Middle East, (Beijing: Xinhua Publishing House, 2012), and The United States and Iran, A Friendly Period (Beijing: Social Sciences Academic Press, 2006).

Eres Levin
Research assistant

Eres Levin obtained his B.A. degree from Tel Aviv University of Israel 2007 at Psychology and East Asian Studies with honors. After 3 years mandatory service at the Israeli Defense Force as a psychology officer, he began his M.A. study at East Asian Studies at Tel Aviv University . He then received a one year scholarship from The ROC government in Taiwan for continuation of the study of the Chinese language. He has been teaching undergraduate students at Tel Aviv University for the past 2 years. Interested in Chinese culture, literature, religion as well as traditional and modern history.



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